7 Jun 2015

Circle of Light

Form a circle of Light around you to shield your entire being against all unwanted energies. Be aware of this shining orb wherever you go and strengthen it with thoughts of love, peace and forgiveness in all situations. The intensity of this light depends upon the purity of your thoughts. You can make it blaze like the light of ten thousand suns or you can make it glimmer faintly like the glow of a candle-light. The power is in your hands to use it as you will. The more you work with positive energies, the stronger will be your shield of protection – like a blazing, solid wall of gold light that is impenetrable to any negative influences of the external world. So, clear away the gloom that is hovering around you, and replace the dark energies of your malignant thoughts and feelings with the vibrant energies of love and forgiveness.

 Practise awareness of your heart and mind – the centres of your thoughts and emotions – in your daily life. Most of the time you are bombarded by the sabotaging thoughts and wild emotions that engulf you into an impending gloom. It is thus imperative to purify your thoughts and intentions. Give up the need to be judgmental about everything and everyone. See only the bright side of every situation and the good points in all people. The purity and perfection of your being depends upon the purity of your perception in all optimism. Seek only that which is beautiful, bright and righteous. 

This is how you can spiritualise your life and bring about greater health and prosperity in your life. Your physical and spiritual health depends upon the quality of your perception towards life. When you choose to live in simplicity and sweet innocence filled with wonderment there is no struggle within; you are at peace, which allows you to move gracefully with the flow of Tide.

9 Feb 2015

Regain the Power of your God-self

Every person has the power of the Holy Spirit within him, but this has been suppressed as man turned to materialism and came under the spell of the dark forces which charmed him with lies and flatteries laced with evil intent to drive man away from the higher influences. They took away that power from him and filled his heart with fear and doubt, hatred and anger against all that is god-like. The lies that man is born a sinner and that he is not worthy of God’s Love, the lie that God is the cause of all his suffering, the lie that that he needs to depend on anger and revenge to deal with life’s situations. These are some of the lies that have distorted man’s perception and cut him off from his true self. He thus began to live as a hapless being totally dependent on the powers outside of himself for his daily dose of peace and happiness, and by which he was ever deluded leading him to utter hopelessness. He is confused and frustrated and renounces his potential to rising to Christhood through his doubts and suspicions about his God-self. All this lowered his vibrations, which attracted a whole lot of negative energies unto him that came in the form of difficulties, sickness, disease and death at all levels of his being. With that, sorrow and suffering became his way of life – his second nature.

Here then, is the meditation that can help you regain the power of your God-self.

Close your eyes and breathe deeply. Invoke your God Presence to protect you in the golden light of love and peace while you do this exercise. Visualise your I AM Presence about two feet above you. Visualise this Presence garbed in a dazzling robe of Light. Next, imagine a silver cord of Light coming from your heart chakra and passing through your crown chakra going upwards to connect with the Heart of your I AM Presence. This cord is linking your heart to heart with your I AM Presence. Feel the pure divine energies flowing down from your God-self through this pulsating cord and going into your heart chakra. Feel the warmth of Love in this area. Feel the connection. Remain still for a few moments as you feel this connection with your I Am Presence.

Then silently ask this Presence to help you reclaim your power and to replenish you with the energies of love and peace. Now see a burst of Light showering over you into millions of glittering sparks like an explosion of fire-crackers in the dark night sky. Visualise these sparks all around you; feel them piercing your four lower bodies. See all your doubts and inhibitions being consumed by the fire of your mighty Presence. Now imagine the golden liquid light flooding your body, mind and soul. Your entire being thrills as it pulsates with this divine light. The powerful energies of your I AM Presence is coming down to you in great torrents of Light. With this influx you can only feel love and peace. See yourself free from all wrong influences. You are now empowered to live as a free being of God independent of the outside forces while the energies of your god Presence merge with your energy. You are now no longer compelled to live in servitude to your old beliefs and superstitions for you have the power to live free in the love of God and to rise to great spiritual heights. You are in every sense of the word a true child of God. Be aware of this power throughout the day as you go about your work.  

31 Jan 2015

Meditation on Living with the Energy of Love

It is not easy to maintain your peace and calm when people and situations pose as a threat to your inner peace with hateful remarks and egoistic attitude. Many a gullible one falls prey to their lower emotions and succumb to anger, hatred and hurt as they internalise the negative energies directed at them. However, all this hurt and pain is unnecessary. If you learnt how to deal with the negative energies with peace and love there would be no cause for any anger and hurt. You do not need to step down your Light because of other people’s hate and spite. You can still live in peace and love oblivious to the negativity around you. Here is how to maintain it.

Find a quiet place to sit and meditate. Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths to still your mind. Now visualise a shaft of white light enter your crown chakra going down the spinal column and out the base chakra, going deep into the Earth where it is anchored firmly. You are now grounded.

Next, visualise a powerful beam of rose-pink light shooting out from the Heart of your Mighty I AM Presence, piercing your crown chakra and going straight into your heart chakra. Your heart chakra is set aglow with a pink hue as the Light continues to fill the heart with its glow. See your heart filling up with the rose-pink liquid light, and overflowing and spilling out until your entire being is suffused with the rose-pink glow from within and without. You are completely enveloped into this bright gold-pink light of Love. Feel the warmth and comfort of this Light as it whirls and swirls around you. You are feeling a great sense of serenity and love from this Light. Allow the Light to transmute all discordance within your being. Surrender your fears, hurt and pain. Let the Light bring peace within your heart.

Now visualise a solid wall of rose-pink Light all around you as a huge pillar of Light that extends out to about 9 feet in diameter. This mighty pillar of Light serves as a protective barrier to your four lower bodies against the onslaughts of the outside negative energies directed at you. No sooner do the negative energies directed at you near your force-field that they will be repelled by the Light and sent back to the owner with a greater impact after it is transmuted to Love itself. So while protecting you, it also helps bring solace to the perpetrators of the negative energies. The Light serves as a double-edged sword.

Remain neutral to the negativity around you. This way you can help reinforce your pillar of Light with the energies of peace and love, and you are assured of your safety always. Negative thoughts and feelings that emerge from within in reaction to the outside chaos will shatter this pillar of Light, and render you vulnerable to the offensive intrusions of the dark forces. By adopting a neutral approach to the things that go on around you, you are safeguarding your Light. Surrender yourself to the Light of unconditional love for the sake of continual peace within your heart.

Invest your heart and mind in the Light of purity and perfection. When overpowered with hurt and pain, call upon the Pillar of rose-pink Light to enfold you and consume all the restlessness in your heart. Command it to set you free from the compelling dark forces. Command it to restore love and peace within your being so that you are empowered to love and live in peace again. You have no need to fear anything or anyone once you have placed your confidence whole-heartedly into the rose-pink flame of Love. When you are done, you may gently open your eyes. Be aware of the pillar of rose-pink Light throughout the day.

4 Oct 2014

Meditation on Flying in the Light of Peace

This meditation if done daily can help maintain peace in your heart at all times, under all circumstances, and especially when under oppressive situation, this meditation will help ease your mind and keep you in sync with the higher energies, making life more tolerable than otherwise.
After having assumed your meditative posture and stilled your mind as shown in the earlier exercises, you will now envision yourself as being very light in weight. You are free from all worries and tensions. There is nothing to hold you back. Release all ties that  bind you to people and situations of denser energies. Let go of them all. Snap all cords one by one, and with each bond that you snap, you are feeling that much lighter and freer. Take your time to do this with much patience. Do not hurry it up. When all the ties are snapped you will find yourself very buoyant.
Imagine a vast green meadow; overhead the sky is clear and blue, while the rays of the sun of Peace are streaming upon you. Visualize yourself running free as a bird along the radiant green grass. All at once, while you are running you find yourself being lifted off the ground by a few inches; your feet are hardly touching the ground as you are running. You are gliding along the vast expanse in greater joy and delight. Now will yourself to rise higher. Look up at the blue sky and intend soaring up. Know that you are lighter than a small bird, and there is nothing holding you back from soaring high. With that you surge upwards and find yourself flying free. Keep moving upwards; do not be afraid to go way up high; do not fear of losing yourself and not finding your way back home. To return to your body you only have to think of being home and you will return in an instant. So let go of your worries and fly free. Breathe in deeply, and enjoy the fresh air and sunshine. Keep moving higher. A great sense of peace envelops you and courses through your being in gentle waves. All niggling doubts and fears ebb away, leaving you completely free and peaceful as you bathe and bask in this divine Light. Glide and soar in the blue skies, savouring the peace and calm, far away from earthly world and all its madness.
Remain in the Light of peace for as long as you like, and then return to your body feeling very fresh and calm. This exercise will help bring about rejuvenation, and will restore your spiritual health while keeping your mind attuned to the Universal Mind. In the Light of Peace you can solve any problem in your life with greater efficacy. You will feel strong and empowered in life if you do this exercise daily.

4 Feb 2014

Meditation on Driving the Negative Energies Out of Your Energy-field

This exercise is useful when you have mixed and mingled around with a lot of people in parties, while travelling or in crowded public places. When you are surrounded with people your etheric body picks up energies from all kinds of people; these then remain attached to your energy-field and continue to influence you, thus affecting your thoughts and behaviour. Most of the time you are picking up lower energies that affect you adversely. The result is irritation and irrational behaviour, which is quite unlike you. The following exercise will help clear up your energy-field of all unwanted energies so that you are no longer submissive to its influence over you.

Sit in a comfortable position. Close your eyes. Relax. Count down from ten to zero while breathing slowly. Ten ... nine ... eight ... you are feeling very peaceful ... seven ... six ... five ... the peace within you is deepening ... four ... three ... you are very relaxed ...two ... one ... zero ... you are now deeply relaxed and at peace within.

Visualize an ovoid of white light around you. The light forms a protective shield around you against all negative energies ... you are safe and protected in this light.

Now invoke the violet transmuting flame unto you, and command it to drive away all unwanted energies and etheric pollution from your energy-field. 

See it spinning and whirling at a very high speed in through and around your four lower bodies, flinging away the gross, dense energies and etheric impurities, into the Universe where it is transformed to light itself.

Do this exercise daily for at least ten minutes. Simply sit and allow the violet flame to do its work. You will begin to feel lighter and happier at the end of the session. It would be ideal to do this exercise on a regular basis in order to enjoy continued spiritual health. In addition to this exercise, you can maintain an optimum level purity and peace by remaining centred in the light throughout the day. Build up your vibrations so that you are ever guarded against all energies that prevail around you.

Moreover, you can do this exercise impromptu before people who appear intimidating to you by way of thoughts, words and actions. Simply intend the violet light to whirl around you until you feel safe and secure; the light will consume the negativity and transmute it into love.

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